Meet Kansas City photographers Kelly Knetter and Heather Morrow who have teamed up to bring you flaunt. Both of Kelly and Heather have independent photography businesses and had the desire, for some time, to expand into boudoir photography.

We both believe that every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident. Whether she’s wearing something sweet and romantic or something bold and sexy, we want her to feel like she could take on the world and turn heads and the same time.

Flaunt is an experience that has intentionally been fashioned to show women that beauty comes from within and with the right coaching, that same beauty translates into amazing imagery any woman would be proud of.

Kelly Knetter Flaunt Boudoir Photographer Kansas City                 Heather Morrow Flaunt Boudoir Photographer Kansas City

Kelly Knetter                                                                Heather Morrow